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Our Philosophy

Businesses wanting a website or looking to start an e-commerce business do so for a variety of reasons. They want to either add to their existing marketing or start a new online business. Either way it requires a financial commitment to enter this brave new world of online marketing.

In return for their investment they rightly expect a return for their money. This is why we at oz-e commerce solutions do not just produce "web pages" .... we provide our clients with complete and successful "web solutions".

Web page design
Successful marketing of websites begins right at the initial design stage and requires a deep understanding of interface design, programming, graphical design and the constraints and idiosyncrasy's of the infrastructure that drives this ever changing medium.

For websites to successfully contribute to your overall business strategy they must:

  • Be appealing so that the user is compelled to stay around and peruse/purchase your products or services.
  • Be professionally designed with custom graphics and layout to ensure a sense of uniqueness and professionalism.
  • Have a distinctive "look and feel" that reflects the type of product or service being marketed.
  • Provide thorough information about your products and services. The advantage of websites are that you are able to provide much more information at a much cheaper cost than in printed media and users expect the internet to provide information .... not just be an electronic version of your brochure.
  • Be relevant to the "target audience" it is intended for.
  • Encourage easy contact by the user to the client by automating the bookings/purchase/enquiries process.
  • Enable you to collect data about your customers and add to your database of contacts.
  • Provide secure lines of communication for the peace of mind of the user, especially where credit card or sensitive information is being sent.
  • Have an obvious, comprehensive and intuitive interface so that navigation throughout the site is easy.
  • Load readily even on slower connections.
  • Be designed in such a way to allow for high rankings in search engines and directories.
  • Submitted successfully to the major world wide and country specific search engines and directories.
  • Be maintained and monitored on a regular basis to ensure it's effectiveness.

Due to the constant development of technologies on the internet we must also be forever evaluating and learning new techniques to appreciate their advantages and implement them when we believe it suits our clients needs.

Many marketing strategies must be employed to take the fullest advantage of your website.

These include:

  • Submission and high ranking listings in the major world wide and locality/subject specific search engines and directories.
  • Email marketing of the website to your existing client base.
    NOTE: We are NOT talking illegal unsolicited spamming.
  • Banner advertising on regional or targeted websites.
  • Reciprocal linking from other relevant/regional websites.
  • On all your existing stationery eg letterheads, business cards, fax sheets.
  • Using traditional print and electronic media advertising to steer people to your website.


For the security and peace of mind of our clients and their users, Oz-e Commerce Solutions has a Thawte Registered server where all forms and transaction pages are stored. This ensures that all information submitted via forms are secured by encryption in transit from the user to the server. Click on the stamp to verify our certificate.




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