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We are a third party service provider specialising in Quality Assurance, Regulatory maintenance, HACCP, and Quality Control (audits and monitoring) for the food industry.

Advice is provided to businesses on the efficient management of Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure that quality product is produced at competitive prices; this includes writing QA programs for your business that complies with customer and legislated requirements and enhances operations. Training of operatives and Quality Control staff (tailored for your business) in QA and HACCP principles and its application is offered. Audits for meat processors and food producers and suppliers are undertaken. Export applications and certifications for domestic and export production is provided.


You set the objective standards for your business product and we monitor, inspect and test (as required) to ensure that your quality is being maintained.

Quality Assurance: the standard set is measured against product being currently produced; variations are documented, and analysis may be undertaken to discover the cause of the variations. Recommendations for rectification can be made.

Regulatory maintenance: the standards may be set by legislation; if so, the legislation should be clear and workable and consistently applied (the rule of law). Investigation and inspection can be carried out to ensure that the minimum legislated standards are met. Best practice may reach higher than a legal requirement.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) concept: A systematic approach to ensuring that the final product reaches the quality standard set and builds a preventative approach to quality assurance into the manufacturing process.

Quality Control is ideally built into the manufacturing process, with on line inspections and controls to detect, report and rectify variations in the standard at an early stage. Advice can be given as to how best (most efficiently) to achieve this. Monitoring is to ensure that standards are consistently achieved, with auditing of the whole process to report any real or potential threats to the set standard.

Training and programme writing are undertaken. Assistance with funding applications and development proposals is provided.


Any business or government agency which seeks to ensure that set standards are being maintained should use objective, independent advice to measure the process and product.


Stephen M. Yearwood (B.Sc., B.V.M.S., LL.B. (Hons.)) has extensive experience in regulatory inspection, auditing and on-going monitoring for governmental agencies and food businesses. Advice on HACCP and the writing and maintenance of programs to satisfy customer and regulatory requirements has been provided to businesses in an efficient and cost effective manner. Export requirements are researched and advice on the best way to proceed is provided.

Geographic Area of Operations:

Currently servicing progressive businesses and government agencies in Cairns, Townsville, the Atherton Tablelands and surrounding districts (North Queensland, Australia); however, a network of skilled professionals exists that is capable of enhancing the profitability of your business (through the efficient management of quality) wherever you operate in the world.

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